Welcome to the world’s largest network of independent packaging premedia providers. The Global Premedia Network (GPN) is an international organization unique in scale and capacity, which represents strategic partners from six continents.

The GPN provides best-in-class packaging premedia services to FMCG companies on a global scale, while promoting the financial health, market share and technological capabilities of its members and the flexographic printing industry.


Together, our partners offer brand owners a new option for managing and procuring high quality and consistent packaging premedia services and tooling for multiple print categories, regardless of where in the world they are procuring their packaging. As a network, the GPN strives to meet the challenges associated with preserving brand consistency across international boundaries and to help brand owners to dramatically shorten their time to market.
Combined, the GPN members serve more than ten thousand local and international FMCGs and their converters annually, employ thousands of SMEs at over thirty production facilities and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity worldwide. We are the champions of technical innovations and are passionate about an international collaboration among our peers. The GPN is an organization, where the most experienced and forward-thinking packaging premedia providers gather together to improve and strengthen their business, better serve their clients and ultimately advance the whole industry on a truly global scale. We are committed to ethical and ecological business standards while promoting the financial health, market share, and technological capabilities of our members.